Rsync with Hetzner storage boxes

In all examples, replace u2xxxxx-sub5 and with the names of your user and storage box. First, make sure “external reachability” and “ssh” are enabled. You can make the base directory easily by ftp’ing in first and creating the directory. Next, open the web interface and set the base directory for the sub-account to the […]

Notes on programming the Bitstream 3x Midi Controller

First some terminology: a “group” is the 3x’s name for a what would usually be called a preset – a definition of what all the controls should transmit. For most uses one would have a group for each device one wants to control. To select a group, press the “group” button on the bottom row […]

Deeply diving into the Performer Generator Code

I don’t ask for much in life. “Just a bed and a Bible” as a man once said. But beyond the basics I do crave effective randomization for my sequencer. The Westlicht performer actually provides quite a bit in this regard. However within the many options, I found myself needing basic, quick randomization. The following […]

Getting started developing for the Westlicht Performer

Here are my annotated notes on setting up OSX to contribute to the Westlicht performer sequencer. 1st step is cloning the github repository: I don’t recall if git is pre-installed on modern macs. If not you’ll need to install git as well. One item which is not installed is is cmake. Realizing I needed cmake […]