The wonderful, perplexing MFB-503

Ah, MFB. Maker of wonderful instruments and usually bewildering user interfaces. Today we look at the MFB-503 Drumcomputer

To start, press play. My unit seems to sometimes set the tempo of empty patterns to zero causing the pattern to appear to not play. Each pattern has an a and a b section.

To select a pattern:

Hold the Pattern button then enter the pattern number to play using the step keys one to zero. For example, to play pattern 23, press 2 then 3. The Pattern changes at the start of the next measure once you release the Pattern button. To delay pattern start, keep Pattern held down.

To program a pattern:

Start the target pattern playing. To delete the pattern, press record and play at the same time for two seconds.

Hold record and press a step key to select the instrument to record. Adjust the step keys to turn triggers on and off.

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