Fixing promox lockups

My proxmox 6 test install locked up every day or two. Here is the fix. This in particular seems to apply to common hardware on Hetzner servers. In /etc/default/grub, update this line : Reboot and you should find your server stable. Read more on the proxmox forum at

Fixing Apple Mail ( / mac mail) “cannot verify username or password”

Every version of mac mail seems to have new ways to make the setup and configuration of pop3 mail not work. Today I ran into a new problem and solution. This particular fix is for accounts that are set up and working but will not save changes made to the configuration after the initial setup. […]

Moving vpopmail directories

For years I have somehow thought moving vpopmail domains between vpopmail installs was hard (ie. from one server to another). I even went so far as to custom build vadddomain binaries which forced creation to a particular directory (ie: /home/vpopmail/domains/0/, /home/vpopmail/domains/1/). If you are not familiar with the “problem” it is that in larger installs […]