Op-z notes

It’s easy to forget how to use the Teenage Engineering opz if you’ve been away from it. Here are my notes.

To select a pattern:

Hold the “P” key along the top edge of the opz then press one of the number keys to select the bank then one of the trig keys (the 1st row of keys above the number keys) to select the pattern with-in that bank.

Select the track:

Hold down the “I” key near the left-hand side (underneath the words “OP-Z”) then press one of the buttons in the same row. The icons above the buttons indicate the track type (Kick drum, snare, hi-hat, percussion, bass, lead, arp, chord, etc.)

Select a patch:

Hold down the “I” key (track select) then press a number key and or a note button (the last row of buttons) to select a patch. I believe the number keys may be banks of patches

Set the tempo:

Hold down the 3rd button along the top edge (next to the metronome icon) then use the number button to type in the new tempo.

While holding down the 3rd button you can also do the following:

  • turn the green dial to change the tempo
  • turn the blue dial to adjust swing (when the green light is lite you are at zero swing)
  • turn the red dial to adjust the metronome volume.

Mute tracks:

To mute a track, hold the “mixer” button – the second button along the top of the opz then press a track button to mute it.

Change track length:

Hold the track key, press shift + a step number to set the last step

Saving patches:

Press track (“I” button) and any white key for a second or two (white lights will progress to the right)

Randomize synth:

Press track + record

Move a pattern:

Hold down project, press shift (shift turns orange-ish), keep holding project, select new project and pattern to paste

Delete a pattern:

Make the pattern you want to delete the current pattern. Hold down project, hold down stop. The step lights will light up sequential order, keep holding until the final step light is lit.

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