Faderfox SC4 Tutorial and Notes


The highest level division in the SC4 is a setup. A setup can be either a midi controller setup or sequencer setup. The SC4 can store 30 setups.

Midi controller setups contain 8 groups which each contain 8 knobs and pushbuttons (built into the knobs). By selecting different groups with the green buttons at the bottom you have access to 64 knobs and 64 button assignments at once (ie. without changing setups).

Sequencer setups contain 8 patterns. Each pattern contains 7 tracks each of which stores one of note, octave, accent, length, repeats, probability or a midi cc. Each pattern is 8 steps long. Patterns can be linked to give a total of 64 steps.


The SC4 has 30 “set ups”. A “set up” is the configuration for the knobs. Usually you would assign each setup to a particular device. For example, setup 1 might have the knobs set to control a Waldorf Blofeld, while setup 2 controls an Elektron A4. Of course you can map the knobs to any midi channel and supported message you like. The division of a setup per synth or device is only an example. You can easily have a setup whose knobs control parameters on multiple devices on different midi channels.

The important concept is this: setups configure what the knobs on the SC4 do.

You change setups by pressing both shift buttons (in the top corners of the SC4) to enter edit mode and then rotating the First encoder (labeled Setup on the top and Tempo on the bottom). When you have selected your desired setup, press the two shift buttons again. If turning the knobs does not change setups, press the knobs down once and try again.

Setups can be one of two types – midi cc’s or sequencers.

Midi cc setups will display ‘GrPx’ after being selected (short for “Group x” – we’ll discuss this below). Sequencer setups will display “Octx”, “Note” or another value.

We’ll discuss Midi cc setups first.

Midi CC Setups

Midi CC Setups send various midi controllers when the knobs are turned. Each setup has eight “groups”. Each group is a set of assignments for the 8 physical knobs on the SC4. You change groups by pressing the green buttons along the bottom of the SC4. Using groups you have quick access to 64 midi cc’s at once using the knobs (you also have 64 on/off controls by pressing the knobs).

Editing is done by entering edit mode (the same mode you enter to select a setup) and then using the knobs to edit (see manual for this – it is straight forward)

Sequencer Setups

The SC4 Sequencer mode works as follows:

  1. Select a sequencer setup
  2. Press the green buttons 7 and 8 at the same time. This puts you into “Sequencer Control” mode.
  3. Press encoder 5 to start the sequencer playing
  4. Turn encoder 1 to set the tempo
  5. Press Green button 1 to select track one
  6. Turn the encoders to set the note for each step
  7. Press and encoder to toggle a step between on and off


To randomize a track:

  1. Select the track using the green buttons at the bottom
  2. Press left shift + the track green button to randomize the values
  3. Press right shift + the track green button to randomize the states (on/off, etc.)

Saving patterns

Press keys 6 + 7

Hold right shift and press the encoder of your pattern (one by default).

Hold left shift + the encoder of a pattern to reload it (lose changes)

Press each encoder to toggle if that pattern plays

To select a pattern for editing, turn the encoder.

To copy a pattern, hold down either shift and turn the destination encoder

SC4 Sequencer Track Types

Track 1 – note pitch and on/off

Track 2 – Octave shift (pushing an encoder turns off octave shift for that step)

Track 3 – Accent

Track 4 – Stage length (in clock ticks)



SC4 midi in and out are Type B connectors

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