Programming the MFB Tanzbar Lite

Note: If you have not used the Tanzbar Lite for a time, be sure to press the buttons firmly. They seem to not work well when left unused. After a session of use (and firm presses) they should to start working normally again.

Like most MFB products, the Tanbar light is a mix of great sound and maddeningly convoluted user interface. In this post I hope to make things somewhat easier for the new user.

Starting the sequencer: shift + play (top button)

Selecting a pattern:

The Tanzbar Lite has 4 bank of 16 patterns. Selecting a pattern can only be performed in “Play Mode”. To enter play mode, press Rec/Real once so that both lights above the rec/real are out.

Hold Down Pat/Bank and press a step key to select pattern 1 to 16

To change banks, hold down shift + Patt/Bank. The Two LED’s above Patt/Bank will change to signify which bank you are now in.

Muting Tracks: while in Play Mode, press a step key to mute that instrument

Recording a pattern:

Hold down Rec/Real and press the instrument step key to select that instrument. Let up on Rec/Real

Press step keys to program the pattern for that instrument.

To program flams, accents, etc. you must first select the steps that will be affected. To do this, press select + one or more steps. The selected steps will start flashing which indicates that they will be affected by the next edit operation (ie. adding flam, accents, etc.)

Saving a pattern:

Select the bank you which to save to. Press shift + 5 (“store pattern”), press the pattern number you want to save to.

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