[/news/british_airways/index.html British Airways]' IT meltdown has been fixed after 12 hours of chaos that could cost them £8million in compensation for 20,000 stranded passengers who may not get new flights until next week.
The airline was branded 'pathetic' today after customers at Heathrow, tarvelzone.hpage.com Gatwick, London City, Manchester, Edinburgh and Newcastle airports were told to 'go home' and reschedule after its check-in system collapsed again.
The IT crash at 4.30am - the third in recent weeks - led to 127 cancellations and another 300 delays with BA unable to rule out 'knock-on operational disruption' could run into tomorrow.
BA denied it was a global IT outage but passengers across Europe and as far afield as Japan, India and the US were also grounded.
The airline faces a compensation bill in excess of £8million if all those affected claim what they are entitled to under EU rules as all 20,000 victims were promised a new flight by next Tuesday.
A spokesman said: 'We have resolved the temporary systems issue from this morning which affected a number of our flights today.

We apologise to all our customers caught up in the disruption, and appreciate how frustrating their experience has been. Our flights are returning to normal, however there may be some knock-on operational disruption as a result of the issue earlier'.
BA rolled out its 'cost effective' IT system in October 2015 - but since its launch it has caused a host of problems costing the company more than £100million and tarnishing its reputation. 
Architect Allan Ross says he been forced to spend £880 on new Ryanair tickets from Stansted after BA scrapped his Heathrow journey and only offered him a replacement flight later this week - meaning he'd miss a family wedding.
He told MailOnline: 'We were not notified before we got to the airport.

There was nobody giving any information. We grabbed a BA rep who told us to queue with 200 people. Five minutes later we were told to leave the airport and given a brochure about flight cancellation.  We were referred back to the BA website which again was down, the phone numbers were jammed and we had no option but to book another flight from Stansted a few hours later, as we are attending family wedding and just needed to get there'. 
Darren Rowe was among the passengers queuing at Heathrow Airport today where he described the situation as 'chaos let loose' and said BA's response to the crisis was 'pathetic'
At Gatwick people were unable to check-in with many told to go home and rebook on a new flight in the coming six days 
An upset, and delayed, mother with young children demands answers from a member of BA staff at Heathrow T5 today
A young boy sleeps while leaning on a suitcase in Heathrow Terminal 5 today during another day of chaos for BA
BA's latest IT failure - the third in recent weeks - has already led to 127 cancellations (pictured on Heathrow's check-in boards) and led to more than 300 other delays at British airports and abroad
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After yet another IT meltdown at BA, it emerged:
BA still working to fix 'multiple' problems with its IT systems after major crash;Thousands of passengers were affected after the airline axed 117 flights due to operate to or from Heathrow and 10 at Gatwick, while delaying more than 300 other flights on Wednesday.  More flights to and from America, India, Japan and Europe were also delayed;  Irate passengers stuck on grounded jets walked off them in protest - while families were left without food and water;Customers being told they can book on to new flights over the next six days but many say their holidays will already be ruined;  <div class="art-ins mol-factbox news halfRHS" data-version="2" id="mol-fc0e4670-b935-11e9-80e3-61009319e21e" website Airways chaos could linger for a WEEK after IT glitch