Moving vpopmail directories

For years I have somehow thought moving vpopmail domains between vpopmail installs was hard (ie. from one server to another). I even went so far as to custom build vadddomain binaries which forced creation to a particular directory (ie: /home/vpopmail/domains/0/, /home/vpopmail/domains/1/). If you are not familiar with the “problem” it is that in larger installs […]

The simplest way to create a pull-request and contribute code to open source projects on Github

Make a github account Go to the project you want to contribute to Press the “fork” button Check out your forked copy of the project Create a new branch and check it out (change “branch-name” to something descriptive of your work) Make your changes Add each new or modified file to your commit : Commit […]

Deeply diving into the Performer Generator Code

I don’t ask for much in life. “Just a bed and a Bible” as a man once said. But beyond the basics I do crave effective randomization for my sequencer. The Westlicht performer actually provides quite a bit in this regard. However within the many options, I found myself needing basic, quick randomization. The following […]

Getting started developing for the Westlicht Performer

Here are my annotated notes on setting up OSX to contribute to the Westlicht performer sequencer. 1st step is cloning the github repository: I don’t recall if git is pre-installed on modern macs. If not you’ll need to install git as well. One item which is not installed is is cmake. Realizing I needed cmake […]